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This is the site where you can learn everything there is to know about craps — including how to win!

Especially How to WIN!

Yes, we teach winning techniques for precision throwing and the accompanying betting strategies to make the best use of your edge against the house.

Here on this site, you'll find free tools you can download, such as our FREE "TurboTracker" craps analysis software (available on the download page, see the button on the nav bar). Also see our easy to make portable craps practice station — a must for getting your throw in shape. clicking here for more on practice and a link to our easy to build craps practice station.

Practice is KEY!

And we're here to answer your questions: Can dice really be "controlled"? YOU BET! we've studied and tracked tens of thousands of throws. Some years ago we, along with Stanford Wong, and another Craps enthusiast who owns a full size regulation craps table, conducted a controlled experiment and recording with ultra-high speed cameras to study the real-world physics of the dice as they are tossed and roll out on the felt.

As a result of our experiments we've developed a new grip and release technique we call the five-star grip. Mastery of that grip, toss, release is just part of the overall method for gaining a real edge in craps.

Have a look around our site — We're adding sections and features all the time! Soon, we'll have our our forum up and running and you'll be able to ask questions of DancesWithDice himself!

Yes YOU CAN win at craps!! All it takes is some practice to develop the SKILL to throws the dice with precision. THat, along with the correct betting strategies can hav you walking away from Vegas as a WINNER! Only a dream? No! It's been proven true for many dedicated dice lovers!