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Download TurboTracker™

TurboTracker™ is a free and easy to use craps analysis software. It runs on either a Mac or PC, and requires Excel 2003 or later. Included is "Dice Set Trainer"™ which helps you develop speed in setting dice.

TurboTracker™ will transpose your practice set to 28 other dice sets, allowing you to compare set results. "Wager Explorer"™ let's you examine various wagering strategies based on different transposed dice sets, and the Streaks page lets you examine your streaks vs random.

When practicing, we recommend use one blue and one green die. Always set the gReen die on the Right and the bLue die on the Left. This was you can easily input the left and right die results into the TurboTracker™ software.

Yes YOU CAN win at craps!! All it takes is some practice to develop the SKILL to throws the dice with precision. THat, along with the correct betting strategies can hav you walking away from Vegas as a WINNER! Only a dream? No! It's been proven true for many dedicated dice lovers!