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45 Degrees of Nonsense

I think we can all agree that imparting the least amount of energy to the dice such that chaotic motions are minimized is ideal for the DI. But does this mean that they need to land with a "45 degree angle"? Not necessarily...

5 Counts of Statistical Ignorance

Regarding the 5 count system: If you do the math you will find that the TOTAL AMOUNT OF MONEY LOST as a percentage of the wager is exactly the same for the 5 count as it is for the bet all.

Getting into the "Zone"

Athletes do it, Artists do it, and so should you. Do what? Get into the zone!

24 Sets, No Waiting

While there's 576 ways to set the dice pre-toss, there are only 24 sets we are concerned with...

Of Math and Men

Unlike cards, where probability varies due to deck loading, craps advantages are based WHOLLY on the skill of a shooter to impart an equal and controlled force to both dice....

Advantage on combined wagers, part one.

House advantage on the box numbers is a bit tricky, and in fact can be looked at in a number of ways, giving different apparent results (Graphs included)...

Advantage on combined wagers, part two.

As a DI, you will most likely not have even distribution among non-seven numbers. Thus you need to assess your personal number distribution to understand your true advantage....

Yes YOU CAN win at craps!! All it takes is some practice to develop the SKILL to throws the dice with precision. THat, along with the correct betting strategies can hav you walking away from Vegas as a WINNER! Only a dream? No! It's been proven true for many dedicated dice lovers!