House Advantages on Combined Bets Part II

Take a look at these 3 charts. These show combined wager advantages for various SRRs. NOTE: the non-seven numbers are assumed to be of even (random) distribution, and only the 7 appearance is changed. I.e. your mileage WILL vary!

For SRR 6.33333

For SRR 6.5

For SRR 7

Note that as skill in avoiding the seven increases, the DI's advantage tends to improve the longer a wager is LEFT UP.

Note also that the Iron Cross does LESS well, the better a DI is.

Both are due to the fact that as the seven is reduced, box numbers prevail more frequently. This means that the field bet does NOT improve at the same rate as place bets!

And for place numbers, rather than support ISR, this seems to support a rapid press.

HOWEVER, use care in interpreting these results. As a DI, you will most likely not have even distribution among non-seven numbers. Thus you need to assess your personal number distribution to understand your true advantage.


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